Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Don't you wish you could fix everything

I was brushing Brennyn's teeth this evening and I noticed that her front tooth looked chipped, so I made an error in judgement and said "oh dear, I think you have lost a piece of your tooth". Brennyn's teeth are very fragile, and they have a different shape (part of her syndrome).
Usually this would not be an issue, Brennyn just laughs everything off or doesn't seem to notice.
Tonight was not one of those nights. My little girl burst into hysterical, big sobbing tears and said "I just want to be like everyone else".
Broke my heart! I tried to explain that we want her to be who she is, and we love her so very much, but it is hard for her. She is at an age where the children notice her hands, her skin and her teeth. I can't make all that go away, but I can try my best to be there for her and let her cry sometimes.

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