Thursday, September 10, 2009


7 days, one week! Visas are being processed, itinerary is being worked on (hopefully), bags are so not packed. Lists are being checked off, still a few more things to pick up before next week.

Not sure if we are going to meet Brennyn on the Sunday or the Monday now. I know when we adopted Avery we met her on the Sunday. The plane had been delayed and we arrived in Nanchang a few hours before it was time to meet the babies. That was a crazy amazing day!
I really hope Brennyn day is on the Sunday, but that goes without saying!

Pictures of my girls.


  1. that was a crazy amazing day. we had hardly time to turn around before the babies were there ! i hope its just as crazy and amazing when you finally meet brennyn :)

  2. We met M on a Monday, I am not sure if it goes by the province or what.