Thursday, June 9, 2011

Last day of Teddy Bear school

Who knew I'd get all choked up at Brennyn's Teddy Bear school graduation.
I think part of it was that my baby is going to be starting Kindergarten next year. Also, Avery went to the same program for 2 years and Brennyn 1 year, I'm very sad that my children are finished.
The teacher was asking if we'd have more children, because she will miss our kids. We will miss her, that's for sure. I can't say enough good things about this program, what an opportunity for the high school students and for the "little buddies".

It was so cute watching all the little ones singing their songs with the big buddies. Brennyn was more concerned about the cupcakes and snacks after, but she still managed to sing a song or two!
I really, really wish I had thought to take a picture of her with cupcake icing all over her face, it was so cute. She was covered from her nose to her chin!

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