Saturday, June 11, 2011

Third dentist in 1 year

Second visit to Sick kids this week! This time we dragged Grandma down to the big city with us. We met with the pediatric dentist yesterday.

First, we saw the dental student (not sure if student is really the correct term, because she was a dentist but must have been doing a residency in pediatric dentistry). Anyway, she thought Brennyn's teeth looked really good (since the 6 cavities had already been filled by our dentist). Yes, she does have enamal problems and her teeth are a different shape but they looked nice and clean, etc. She thought that we could just continue to see our regular dentist. However, she had to run out to double check with the dentist on staff, which should only take a minute (guess that means her preceptor). 15 minutes later, the staff dentist came in and re-examined Brennyn. Again, she said her teeth looked good, all things considered. She asked again why Brennyn was referred to Sick Kids. This time, she said that it was up to us, but Brennyn does meet the requirements to become a patient there. We could continue to see our dentist if that was easier and be referred back to Sick Kids when (and if) there is a problem. I decided that, yes, it's a long drive just to see a dentist every 6 months, but it's worth it for Brennyn's health. For them to offer her a spot at the sick kids dental department, made my answer easy. Yes, Brennyn has another new dentist.

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  1. You'll get the best care possible, and that's what matters. :)