Sunday, January 13, 2013


Met with an OT who specializes in children with sensory issues. She had some great suggestions for Brennyn. This woman has been working with sensory sensitive kids for decades.
Most of Brennyn's issues are mild, which means as an adult she will be better equipped to handle her sensory needs.

Basically, Brennyn's personality does not fit in to the mold of the traditional school system. There is so much to see and touch in the classroom that it is difficult for her to sit still.
However, if Brennyn is completing a cognitive assignment, she is okay (she can concentrate to do her work). For example, she will build anything and can do so for hours. For Brennyn, the issues start at carpet time, when the teacher is trying to teach the whole class something. Brennyn loses focus and gets "squirmy", or she gets tired (kind of like a shut down for Brennyn).

The OT lady has suggested that Brennyn be allowed to have a little break if she is feeling "squirmy". A good break would be taking the attendence to the office for example. Bedtime can also be challenging for Brennyn if there is any break in routine, so we also have some tools to help us with that (kind of a calm down method).

B has now been discharged from the infant and child development program, and we feel that we have so many tools to help us, and to help Brennyn! The OT also said that Brennyn is obviously a very bright girl, and that once we start with the tools and explain things to Brennyn, B will be the one pointing out that she needs a break! It won't take long for her to figure all this out!

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