Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

Full of ham, potatoes and chocolate (and maybe a little wine). Easter Bunny is about to make his appearance. The girls are both so excited. Brennyn has been talking about the Easter Bunny`s arrival all day. Both girls also enjoyed having the grandparents and Aunty Andrea over for dinner, so much attention!!

Avery told me all about the story of Jesus the other day. I`m the only non-catholic in our family of 4, so she is so excited to explain everything to me. She was telling me about how these 2 men really didn`t like Jesus, and they were very mean. Lot`s of people really liked Jesus and those men were jealous. Jesus died, and went into a cave. Then, Jesus taught some ladies how to fish! That`s the Easter story according to Avery.

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