Friday, April 15, 2011

Sears Great Canadian Run

I'm thinking about joining my running group in this cross country relay race. It's for such an important cause and I think the challenge will be, um interesting is a good word. They already have one team ready to go, but I am going to join the second team.

The only thing that frightens me is the fund raising. I've never done any kind of fundraising in my life, and as a team, we have to raise $5000.00.

Here is the link:
Hmm, I don't know why my links never work on here.

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  1. Hi there Dayna! Just came across your post here! I'm the marketing coordinator for The Sears Great Canadian Run.

    Are you still thinking about joining a team? Or have you registered? If you have any questions or concerns, or you're worried about the fundraising amount, we are here to offer support, inspiration and assistance along the way!

    We have also opened up the maximum team capacity to 20 people per team, so you can have anywhere from 1 to 20 people on your team! Email us at if you have any questions! My name is Michelle and Anna, the fundraising manager can help you as well.

    Happy running :)