Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kindergarten open house

It's official, Brennyn had her orientation/welcome to Kindergarten evening last week. Avery was so proud to show her little sister to the gym at her school for the big event. It seems like there is going to be a lot more boys in Brennyn's class (Avery's class is 14 girls and 4 boys).
Poor Brennyn did manage to fall off one of the kid chairs and hit her lip on the table. If they didn't know us at the school before, they do now! She was okay and back to playing with the playdo after a few minutes (once her lip stopped bleeding).
She's so excited to go to school in September. Unfortunately, Avery still isn't loving school. Everyday she says she doesn't like school and shouldn't have to go. I really hope next year is better for her!

I guess the kindergarten evening was really exhausting because while I was getting a before bed snack for Avery, Brennyn wandered upstairs to her bed and passed out cold!

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