Friday, August 19, 2011

My new favourite Doctor

Love, love, love Brennyn's new dermatologist. Yes, we only saw her for 5 minutes but she was so down to earth and very knowledgeable. We always spend most of out doctor visit with the residents/med students, Sick Kids is a teaching hospital after all. In our case, the actual doctor always corrects the resident because nobody has ever seen a case like Brennyn's so the poor residents have no chance.

This doctor actually knew so much about Ectodermal Dysplasias and even seemed to have an understanding of what Brennyn has. Honestly, she spelled more out for us than anyone has thus far. I almost had tears come to my eyes, I just finally felt like someone understood.

Of course, as usual, all the doctors working in the dermatology department came in to take a look at Brennyn when we were finished the appointment. Our doctor asked our permission and explained how unique Brennyn's syndrome is.
I still feel kind of weird about this, but I also understand that this is how the medical profession teaches and learns. I just hope Brennyn won't feel like some kind of circus side show, with everyone wanting to look at her hands, teeth and skin.

Oh, and Brennyn was her usual charming self. Although, she did ask one doctor "why are you so dark, and black". I think I kept calm, trying to explain that everyone has different skin colours, you know like we've talked about".
The doctor kindly explained the same thing to Brennyn and the two of them talked forever. Brennyn has a new best friend (seriously, the doctor thought Brennyn was hillarious).
One thing about Brennyn, she says it like it is, and really does not have a filter. I really don't think this will change either. She is who she is!

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  1. I;m so happy you have somone that understands and can explain things in layman terms. It must have felt like such a huge relief, I think I would have cried too. An understanding means a lot.

    She sounds like such a funny child. She'll be the bestest friend ever, the ones that say it as it is, they're the best kind! I have two friends like that and my most trusted friends!