Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sick Kids again

We finally have our appointment with the dermatologist at Sick Kids on Friday. This is the specialist I've really been waiting to see. I hope he/she can provide us with a magic cream that will take away Brennyn's "itchies". Trust me, I've tried them all. I'm also going to ask if there is something besides Benedryl to help with her nighttime episodes. Sometimes Brennyn wakes up in the middle of the night crying because she is so itchy. I think she has had some sort of nightmare before this happens and she reacts by feeling itchy.

We have noticed that when she gets upset at anything, she gets itchy. Brennyn will be crying about her sister (for example) and the next thing she will be crying because she's itchy.

Brennyn also has white patches on her face/arms/back. Most people who have ADULT syndrome (not that there is much research to go by, since the amount of people who have ADULT syndrome is in the 100's throughout the world) have freckling, but I think Brennyn has developed the patching of her skin instead (she doesn't have a single freckle).

I just hope we can find the best cream to take away the itchies!


  1. I don't live with the itchies but everyonce in a while I get one that canNOT be satisfied. I can only imagine how Brennyn feels :( I really hope she gets her anti-itch cream and fast !

    p.s. I LOVE the camera bandits ! lol that last photo is priceless

  2. I know, except the camera also had about 25 videos on it too of the dogs and Avery's favourite books, ha ha.

  3. M has a few white patches on her legs; well, I should say had as they are gone now. I am really wondering now that you have mentioned this, if her itchy, white patches were in direct correlation to her ptsd and night terrors. She no longer has night terrors and they have disappeared. She did not "grow out" of her night terrors as children are supposed to by five so a sleep study was in order, she had sleep apnea. Once her tonsils and adenoids were removed, the sleep apenea was resolved and so were the night terrors. Of course her PTSD will always be an issue, but she is a "remission" of sorts due to working the program.

    Good luck!