Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Some good news

Spent a long day at Sick Kids with Brennyn yesterday. Avery was able to hang out with her favourite Aunt, which involved a trip to McD's and movies.

Brennyn was so great, she played with toys for hours while we waited and did not complain once. Although she did tell the intern (yes, I know they aren't really interns but I always forget the correct title, is it fellow??? All I know is they are already doctors but come from other hospitals to do their specialized training at Sick Kids) that Dr. C should be much faster because she had to wait too long. The intern laughted and said she certainly could not tell this to Dr. C because she wanted to keep her job, ha ha.

As a side note, the doctor and the physiotherapist both suggested to me that Brennyn should take acting classes, hmm, wonder why??

Anyway, after some debating with the team, we decided (okay so it was mostly the good doctor) that Brennyn will not be having more surgery.
She functions so well with her right hand and at this point it looks like the surgery would be for cosmetic reasons since her index finger will not be functional on it's own.
I really don't want to start messing with her dominant hand if it's purely for cosmetic reasons. He also did not feel that the surgery would be a success anyway.

Now, if Brennyn wants to do the surgery when she is older, it will be an option.

I had a great chat with the physiotherapist. Have I mentioned how awesome she is?? We just love her.
She said that you can't second guess yourself. B may be upset when she is older that we didn't do the surgery. Some kids are very self conscious and there isn't a crystal ball to see the future. She doubts that Brennyn will have this issue, but one never knows. You have to make the best decision based on the facts at hand!

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