Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I may be slightly crazy

I guess I don't have enough on my plate these days, or I really am crazy (I'm leaning towards the latter).
We are thinking of making a change in housing. Our neighbours have had their house up for sale for a few months and it started me thinking (which isn't always a good thing).
We love where our house is located and I LOOOVE the backyard (no neighbours behind, just a woodlot, however there will eventually be something built back there). However, when we bought this house 8 years ago, we bought it for the location and not functionality. It was a spec home, this was the first time the builder had tried out this model and the foundation was already poured when we purchased. The kitchen is small, you can't have more than one person in there at a time. There are only 3 bedrooms, which is not a problem really except when the grandparents come to visit and Grandma gets stuck on the couch.

We've been stalking Avery's new school neighbourhood and something about those homes has peaked my interest. They are a lot older than this home, but some of them have been renovated. The only problem is that the homes in that area do not go up for sale very often. Also, there really aren't as many stores, etc. within walking distance like in this neighbourhood.
The upside is that Avery could walk to school, but no more walking to the library or gymnastics (the arena is 2 minutes from where we live now).

Decisions, decisions.

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