Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sometimes she can be so sweet, the other times...

I'm talking about Avery. Becoming a big sister was not an easy adjustment for Avery (that is an understatement). Often, she would ask me when Brennyn would be going back to China. She would take toys away, causing Brennyn to hysterically scream. Avery would push/hit/annoy Brennyn, again causing her to hysterically scream.

You can imagine my surprise when Avery asked me a few months ago why we did not have a pig for Brennyn. When we were in China on our adoption journey to Avery, we visited the usual tourist traps including the jade factory. I bought Avery a tiny jade (sort of jade) dog (since she was born in the year of the dog).

I will admit to forgetting to buy Brennyn a little jade pig on this journey. Frankly, once we met Brennyn, we did not buy much of anything. We just did not have time, energy, or an inclination to shop. Our focus was on Miss Brennyn and helping her through her adjustment to us.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and Avery is in the possession of a few yuan coins left over from our trip to China. Avery wants to know if she can have this money and I explained it was only good in China. Avery told me "I know mom, I am saving it for when we go to China so I can buy Brennyn her pig".

My heart melted.

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  1. Aww, I'm melting too. That is pure and honest-to-goodness sisterly love!