Thursday, July 21, 2011


Why oh why did we not stay at the lake for another day? That's right, my poor husband has to work tomorrow. Hmm, at least he has air conditioning at his work (except when he's on a call in his dark blue, heat attracting uniform). It's actually 35 degrees right now, yikes. Once again, I am reminded that it's my fault we don't have air conditioning (I said "we don't need air, I never had it growing up, so we just don't need it". Jokes on me).

Had a great week at the trailer. Spent hours in the lake, Avery is starting to swim finally. She loves the water! Brennyn likes the water as long as it's calm. Unfortunately, Lake Huron is known for it's winds and waves making it lots of fun for everyone but Miss Brennyn. She got one wave near her face and it was all over for her.

We also enjoyed some time in Goderich (nearest town to the trailer), had some giant ice cream cones, played in the park, walked along the boardwalk (don't know why we haven't done this yet, we've been going to the trailer for 7 years and this was the first visit to the boardwalk).

We're always so sad to leave the trailer/lake!

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  1. Sounds like fun, and yes, it is SO time to get AC! :)