Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To move or not to move

Last year we really considered selling our house, even had a few real estate agents come in. Originally, my idea was to move closer to the girl's school. We found out that the builder of our house, was building homes a few streets over from the school. I was all set to put our house up for sale, until I saw the prices for lots that backed onto the forest. Needless to say, I said no thanks. The prices of the new homes were really crazy as well.

We're spoiled right now, because although we back onto a major road we have a mini forest seperated us from that road. Eventually, someone is going to build behind us, but they still have to leave the treeline (and we've lived here for almost 9 years and no dirt has been turned). We do know that there is another subdivision slated behind the houses at the end of our street but not that stops 3 houses down from us.

Anyway, we gave up on the house idea until this spring when we saw the perfect house come up for sale. We went to see this house, but it had an offer on it and we just didn't feel ready at that time.

Again, another builder is starting to clear land closer to the girl's school again. There really isn't much green space where these homes are going and the builder has not listed prices yet. I guess I'm getting the itch again.
However, I am not working right now. We'd have to sell our price for a certain number and take out a 25 year mortage to keep our payments the same as they are now (luckily, our house has gone up in value in the 9 years since we purchased). We are almost down to a 15 year mortgage, so it I'm not so sure going back to a 25 year mortgage is a good idea.

Sometimes, I wish someone could just say, yes it's a great investment or no don't be crazy. I mean, our house now is good. We love, love our backyard. I just don't love that our street is so busy and my kitchen is so small. We'd also love a 2 car garage, but maybe we're just getting greedy. We went from a townhouse to this house and just lucked in that it was on a woodlot (it was a spec home, so we didn't have to pay extra for the lot, although, I am sure it was somehow built into the price).
Our house design is severly lacking in closet space. In fact, we only have the coat closet and the closets in the bedrooms. Our lovely, unfinished basement is our storage area. I guess I never noticed this fact before I had children. Maybe that's just how they make houses these days??

Anyway, this post is more for my own thought process.


  1. I know that email was just you talking to yourself and you didn't really want comments. However, I think you should stay where you are. You still love it, it sounds beautiful with the wooded lot and will pay it off sooner!! That's just the kind of person I am though, I cannot stand debt of any nature, it stresses me out! :)

    On a different note, I just asked Brian Stuy for the birth parent report. I really felt I want to get this moving.


  2. I know Jill, it's the debt that scares me. Especially, with everything that is going on with the world financially.

    Good luck with Brian. I hope you find some answers. There are a few private groups you can join that are groups of families who are searching for or found birth families. The one group is very, very private though and I'm not sure if they are taking on new members.
    We haven't had much contact with Avery's birth family but we do have a few special letters. I do have contact with a birth cousin and we do exchange e-mail.

  3. I vote stay. It's far too easy to get carried away with the lure of a new house. They are very squished in, no property. All that money on curtains and new furniture and upgrades. A small kitchen and 1 car garage is a good compromise for a giant yard ! lol Anyways, I know you will make the right decision :)