Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sometimes it's hard not to laugh

Kids, it cracks me up, the words that come out of their sweet little mouths. I guess I should clarify, sometimes those words aren't always nice but it's still hard not to laugh.

Avery was trying on some 3D glasses, turned to me and said "Mom, I can't see you, I'm blond".

Brennyn's latest "I can't do it right now, I'm too busy" (usually said after I've asked her to tidy up her toys).
Brennyn's other favourite "oops, I made a mistake".

Okay, so this may be TMI but Brennyn shouted from the bathroom "Daddy don't come in here, it stinks, use my bathroom instead". How considerate!

Another Brennyn moment (have to set the scene, Blair had just scolded Brennyn for something and she did not like that) "Daddy, I hope you eat mushrooms (she knows Blair does not enjoy mushrooms) and get sick". Sure, some people may think these is a little morbid, but she was crying and pausing while she said it, like she was thinking of how this sentence should be phrased. She was also very mad at Daddy.

Avery looked at me over breakfast one morning and said "I really wish I could see how other people see" "like what they see out of their eyes".

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