Monday, July 25, 2011

Hot weather brings crazy storms

Finally had some much needed rain yesterday. It amazes me that although this spring was almost record breaking with the amount of rainfall, now we are in a dry spell.
Sometime in the middle of the night I awoke to loud, sonic booms of thunder. A few minutes later, Brennyn woke up in a panic. She was crying hysterically. Now, she has never been a fan of storms, but this was something new. She was terrified. Had to have her crawl in my bed for the rest of the night and rub her back until she fell back asleep (Blair was on nights, so luckily I had the bed to myself).

Avery woke up this morning oblivious to any storm, but a tad jealous that her little sister slept in mommy's bed! I was so like Avery when I was little, nothing woke me up once I was sawing logs (we lived in the country when I was a kid, and one night someone stole a car and set it on fire in the field across the road. My mom said there were fire trucks, police cars, etc. all with sirens blaring, but I never heard a thing).

That sound sleeping ability seemed to vanish at the exact time I became a mother! Unfortunately, my grumpiness at early hours in the morning has only expanded. Let's just say I would not be a great shift worker!

Brennyn (when not frightened) is very cheery no matter what time of the night it is. She's always ready for a pj party. Avery is a little more like me, and she can be very grumpy if she hasn't had enough sleep.

Here's hoping for some rain tonight, but minus the thunder and lightening.

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  1. You and I are two of a kind as far as sleep goes! I LOVE sleep and I can sleep through anything. Although my first 2 years as a mother broke that and I was all out dozy and quite grumpy if woken, now I'm back to my regular sleepy self that sleeps through just about anything again! ...and I love it!

    We've had about 6 crazy storms this summer too, thunder, lightening and crazy crazy downpours that just about wash my garden out! ...they usually only last about half an hour altogther, thankfully.