Monday, April 23, 2012

Not so easy going all of the sudden

Miss Brennyn has suddenly become very, very strong willed (okay, so she has always been that way but with some easy going mixed in), or as the Sick Kid Dentist said "well, at least you know nobody will push her around, EVER". As you can surmise, the dental visit did not go smoothly this time around. Oh, things started off great, we had a nice visit with our physiotherapist and she wants to convince the doctor to push up the next surgery (we're all for this plan). Things went downhill once Brennyn sat in the dental chair. She told the dentist that she wanted to go back to "her nice dentist in Orangeville", and that "she wanted to leave sick kids now, she was all done". X-rays were a bust since B wouldn't even turn her head to face the dentist or open her mouth. The dentist didn't want to push, but next visit the x-rays are a must. Brennyn's teeth do look good so far, which for a patient with Etodermal Dysplasia this is great news! We just aren't sure what they look like under the gums. At least we will have 6 months to prepare! Oh, and she did not want the x-ray because the bite wings "are disgusting and yucky". I tried to explain that they just came out of their package and were fresh, but it was a no go. Brennyn kept saying "no, nope, not going to do it".


  1. Funny...we just got back from the dentist this afternoon as well. It is our fourth or fifth visit (since we have had fun ones in there too to build a relationship) but Sylvie, aged 4 and a bit, would NOT cooperate with the x-rays this time. She did not like the bite wings and would spit them out as soon as the dental hygienist walked to go press the x-ray button. Sylvie said they were disgusting too! Kids...sigh...

  2. Maybe it's an age thing? I'll have to have some tricks up my sleeve for next visit.