Thursday, May 10, 2012

adventures at the doctor's office

For me this time, not Brennyn! My doctor ordered some blood tests for me, and luckily (or in this case, not so much) they have a lab right in the office. For some reason, the doctor clinic was crazy busy yesterday, perhaps everyone is in for their spring check up? Anyhoo, waited a half hour to see the doctor, which is speedy compared to how long we wait at Sick Kids (now that is a busy place) and ended up waiting another half hour for the blood work.
Was chatting to the lab tech about why I was having all this blood taken (night sweats, need I say more) and she was talking away when I feel an extra pinch in my arm and she says "oh my gosh, I am so sorry. I have never had this happen before". I look down and blood is gushing out of my arm. Seriously, I have never seen anything like it. Poor girl was panicking. I think she thought I was going to lose it on her or something. I just said, very calmly I might add "hey, as long as you stop the bleeding it's all good". She kept saying how sorry she was, and I kept saying, it's all okay. These things happen (not sure if they really do, but she was upset enough for both of us).
Finally, the blood was collected from my other arm and I was good to go. I am sporting a funky bruise now on one arm, heh heh. See, even a trip to the doctors office is never dull in my life!
Now if I can just figure out why I'm getting night sweats at my young age (and how to get rid of them) I'll be super happy. Oh, and my doctor looked very amused when I mentioned that I am way too young to be hitting menopause and said that sure I was young, young at heart!

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