Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's difficult to post about something you really need to keep private

Here is something that I find interesting:
We have a semi-open adoption situation with Avery's family who live a world away. That distance (and the language situation) make it very difficult to have a relationship, but we are trying on all sides.

In our situation (well it's really their situation with Avery) they just want updates every once in awhile. They wanted to know what happened to their daughter! They wanted to explain to Avery why they felt they had to give her up (in their words).

I guess the interesting part to me, is in a culture, where it is still taboo to talk about adoption, they risked so much to find out where their daughter had gone. Yet, here I am in Canada basically being ignored by people who live 30 minutes away (where apparently, the subject of adoption and birth family is still taboo).

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