Saturday, September 8, 2012

Speaking of school

Brennyn had a great first week, happy to meet some new friends (her best friend is in the afternoon kindergarten this year, but they may be together next year again).

Avery, on the other hand, is doing okay. She has adjusted well to the amount of time she is in school (grade 1, so the first year of going all day every day). It's the socialization that still suffers.
It's the same at gymnastics, she does not talk. All I can think about is how lonely she must feel. As a mom (and a very shy person) I just want to find a way to make it easier for her to talk to kids outside of her own environment (because bring a child to our house, and it's non stop talk).
However, the more we bring the situation to light, the more she shuts down (or rolls her eyes at us).
Of course, she also takes out her frustration on her sister and I, which is unacceptable. She picks on her sister, constantly is in her face, etc. It seems obvious to me (the non professional) that she feels out of control at school, etc. so she feels a need to control her home environment.

In other education related news, Brennyn has started her assesment with the local infant and development team. The team and I are wondering if the testing part is not a waste, since it is clear that Brennyn is one smart cookie (knew that). The testing is more to show developmental delays in thinking, memory, etc. which B does not have any issues with. Her issues are more behavoural in nature. There is a huge questionnaire that the teacher and the parents fill out which addresses more of the behvioural aspects. Should have all this done by the middle of October, which makes me feel like we are getting somewhere now!!

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