Saturday, November 17, 2012

Attachment, etc.

We have our results! I am very proud to say that our girl is very, very bright. She scored so well on the cognitive testing. Not surprising, I already knew this (I am biased of course). However, not surprising again, there are some concerns.
I think her cognitive ability is what will help her overcome most of her school related issues. Unfortunately, she is going to have to work a lot harder than most of the other kids in her class to keep up. Some things, such as rhyming are very difficult for her to comprehend. Brennyn memorizes things that rhyme, but if you throw a new word at her, she just can't rhyme. We have ideas to help her work on this though, because she may also have a difficult time learning to read.
Again, right now she is trying and she can pick out a few words (but we are also realizing she has memorized these key words).

Basically, she really is doing so much better this year in school. She is concentrating more and socializing a bit better.
We have to remind her of personal space, proper behaviour, etc. and we will have to keep reminding her of this because it simply will not come naturally to her.
She also has attachment issues, obviously. There are also a few sensory concerns as well, and we may need to see an OT if they don't improve next year.

Brennyn missed out on so much in her first 2 years of life. I don't know why other children adopted at her age from her orphanage (and others) don't seem to have her issues. That really doesn't matter, because we are focused on our daughter.
She is one amazing kid, and although this has been a difficult road at times, I just love her so much. She is so very brave.

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  1. Wonderful news on how well she scored! that did not surprise me though, she sure is a bright girl... and witty too!!

    I know how much you love her, and that love will help her overcome so much.