Friday, October 2, 2009


Have to do a big post when I have more time. Blogger would not work for me at all in China, couldn't remember my password to post via e-mail.
Don't think there would have been time anyway. Let's just say that this adoption trip was very, very different from Avery's trip.
Poor baby Brennyn grieved very heavily, cried often, and is not at a 2 year old level.
You can read all the books you want to prepare in advance, but it sure is different when you are living it.

We are very happy that we finally have our girl home, but it isn't going to be an easy road!!


  1. We had a much different experience with our second adoption, also. The analogy I used was that Lauren came into our lives like a gentle breeze, and Paige like a tornado. Paige was 2, but about 12 months developmentally. She struggled more emotionally, also. She will have been home 2 years in January. She was making slow, two steps forward, one step back progress for the first 18 months, then seemed to turn the corner and is making great strides now. The Connected Child book seemed to be the most useful. You are in for a long, difficult, but ultimately very rewarding journey with Brennyn. Learning to parent Paige has made us much better people and now she is thriving. Know that it will get better!!!!

  2. Glad you made it home safely and free of illness--you know how plane travel can be.
    Toddler Adoption the Weaver's Craft is an excellent resource as well.
    I don't recall how long you have been reading my blog, but M grieved long and hard. She was diagnosed with PTSD, she still has sleep issues after three and half years, but the daily night terrors and daytime PTSD episodes are almost non-existent. As for M's limb difference it was not the primary concern--yes, she had surgeries, but it is and was the emotional trauma of adoption that was her "special need".
    Wishing you guys all the best!

  3. Thanks guys! I have read the Toddler Adoption book, and it is a good resource for sure.
    Brennyn is probably about 18 months developmentally and less for speech. We were told the nannies just didn't have time to teach speach to all the kids. She certainly knows what we are saying though.

  4. Aww, welcome home and welcome to Canada Brennyn!

    I've been checking your blog to see how you're getting on. You know she'll catch up pretty quickly, once she is stimulated.

    Looking forward to you posting in the future.

    Jill xx

  5. Do you have the early intervention program there? They come for free and do an evaluation and then resources to follow-up therapy.

    Allowing her grief will speed the process and further bonding.

    Best to you all!