Monday, May 31, 2010

See, we do dress up around here sometimes

I will admit it, I am more of a shorts and t-shirt kind of girl. Actually, my budget as of late seems to cater more to that kind of couture, what can I say.
My eldest daughter is also of the pant/short, casual preference (when she keeps her clothes on).
Brennyn, well she is happy to put on whatever type of clothing is handy, dress, shirt, doesn't phase her in the least. She is still a happy go lucky kind of kid.

Sunday we attended a function for Blair and the dress code was not shorts. I took advantage of my girly looking children and snapped a few shots.
I did almost pass out when Avery begged to wear her pretty bracelet and ring (seriously, she is not in the least interested in any girly things, well at least until yesterday). I have to include the picture of the bracelet, she was so happy to have it on. She was even happier when people told her how pretty she looked. I was very surprised that she did not respond with an "I know", because she did say that to me before we left.
Oh, and both girls are sticking a pose on the way out of the event. Avery really seems to think she should be on America's next top model. I just have to break it to her that we aren't Americans, that and she is about 16 years too young.


  1. Oh my, your girls are gorgeous in their dresses! Love the poses!

    I have a funny feeling Avery might soon change her tune on fashion! :) And Brennyn, I wish Lilah was more like her. Lilah is SO fussy about clothes. Driving me crazy already!! Am I to blame for that??!

    Jill :)

  2. Adorable !! I love their pretty dresses :)

  3. They look so cute, but I think they are adorable in shorts/pants too! M was not into anything girly until last year--the peers I think.

    Wish we could have met up, next time for sure.

  4. Yes, we will have to meet one of these days!