Friday, June 25, 2010

Fun times at the trailer again. First, we celebrated Grandpa's big day with a lunch, complete with a cake purchased by Grandpa himself. He had the lady write: Happy Birthday to Me. That's my Dad for you (I did offer to bring a cake, honest)!
The girls love their cake, does it show?

The girls loved the beach and promptly jumped into the water the first second they could. I swear, that water was so cold, or maybe I'm just getting old??
Before I knew it, 3 hours had passed.
Grandpa had to go home, apparently someone has to make a living around here. Grandma stayed up to visit with some of her "lady friends" as Avery called them.

At one point Avery was laughing and splashing Grandma's legs with water. While her back was turned, Brennyn (who doesn't miss a trick) quickly caught on to the water game and tried to soak Avery.

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  1. Your Dad is FUNNY! Heh!

    The girls sure do love their cake and I bet that good outdoor air is making them eat their fill of it! Glad you're having a fun summer with the girls!

    The funnies certainly runs in your family: Your Dad, you and Brennyn! ;)