Thursday, September 23, 2010

Brennyn's first day

Brennyn's turn. It was Brennyn's first day at Teddy Bear school (preschool at one of the local high schools).
Avery went for two years and now Brennyn. Avery probably said 10 words in 2 years, Brennyn would say 10 words in 5 seconds. I love that my girls are so opposite, keeps me on my toes!
Blair had to pick Brennyn up from school today since I was at work. Apparently, her buddy said that Brennyn was good, but very busy and likes to play with everything. I'm guessing circle time was probably a bit of a challenge for Brennyn's big buddy (Brennyn is not known for sitting around, she likes to move/explore/people watch).

Hard to believe that she'll be getting on the bus with Avery next year. Both my girls are growing up so quickly!

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