Monday, September 6, 2010

Last weekend of summer, kids start school tomorrow. Wait a minute, my kid starts school. How can she already be old enough for school. Wasn't it yesterday that she was a little baby?
Technically, Avery doesn't start school until next week, they like to stagger the JK kids so it's not as overwhelming for the children. I do have a meeting with her kindergarten teacher tomorrow morning. We met the teacher last week when we went to show Avery her classroom. It was her teacher's first day back to the school and she happened to be coming out of the classroom when we were peaking in. She gave Avery a tour of the room, etc. It was perfect timing.

I did not think I would be one of those mom's who cry as their child is boarding the bus for the very first time. I'm starting to think I was wrong. I may turn into a blubbering mess.

On another note, I've decided to return to work part-time in two weeks (very, very part-time). Good old retail, I just can't escape. I always feel the need to tell people that I did go to University, honestly. Much to my mother's delight, I haven't used my degree in the 15 years since I've graduated (and she reminds me of that every other month). Instead, I spend my working days selling bling to people.
At least I work 6 minutes from my home, and I can try on said bling all day long (since it's not exactly in my price range even with my employee discount). I also happen to really enjoy the company of the ladies I work with, and I kind of miss them.

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  1. Oh ya, you will be a mess...and rightly so your baby is heading out ito the big world.

    I'm going back to work when my baby starts school too - next September. I kinda looking forward to it and kinda scared, all at the same time.

    I'm glad you're happy. It is HUGE if your job makes you happy. And it's close to home. Mine is both those things too, so I know how you feel.