Thursday, October 7, 2010

Interesting day, a little panic gets the heart racing

The day started off good, beautiful fall weather, girls up and ready to go to school. Bus on time, Brennyn off to Teddy Bear school, morning to myself. I decided to park the car in the garage, even though I had to go pick Brennyn up again in a few hours. I set off for a morning run around the neighbourhood (did I mention the beautiful weather, 18 degrees and sunny, leaves changing colour on the trees). Anyway, 20 minutes before I have to head out I hear a loud bang somewhere in the house. I checked around, but nothing seemed amiss.
Finally, I'm in the car and hitting the garage door opener and nothing. Okay, I'll just manually open the door, no problem. Umm, wait, did I suddenly get very weak because this door is not budging. My car is being held hostage by the garage door.

Thank goodness my In-Laws live the next street over. I raced to their house in a calm orderly fashion (ha, I was in full blown panic, had to get Brennyn and make it home in time to meet Avery at the bus stop).
My FIL drove me to the school and we made it back with 1 minute to spare, crisis averted. I do not know what I would have done if my in-laws weren't home.

$150.00 later and the garage door has let free my car. My FIL even knew exactly who to call to fix the door, phew! Who knew a little spring could cause this much trouble??

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  1. Ouch, that was expensive! One of the many perks of living downtown (NOT) is that we don't have a garage. Brr. It almost kills me in the winter!!

    Wasn't today fabulous??! Oh yes, this is the Fall weather I love!

    Glad to hear everything worked out okay.