Saturday, October 2, 2010


It's October. We are still waiting to hear from the surgeon at Sick Kids. Originally, Brennyn's first operation was to be in the summer, then September, now we don't know. I am so happy that she is being seen by such a well known specialist, but I'm not so happy that this is taking so long. It's a double edge sword in a way since the best has so many other more urgent cases that bump us out (for a good reason, just stinks to be waiting for almost a year).

We are also still waiting on the genetic testing. I think I have found the answer to my questions on that end. It still would be beneficial to have the genetic results for a concrete answer. I have been fortunate to "chat" with another mom whose daughter seems to have a similar condition as Brennyn. Unfortunately, it is a very difficult syndrome to diagnose.

Time passes so quickly, but I feel like we are stuck in this waiting game. I don't think I'm very patient anymore. I want the best for my daughter and I would really like some answers for her sake!

On another note, I finally sent a letter and some pictures to Avery's birth family in China. I should have included a return envelope but didn't think of that at the time. I'm crossing my fingers that they receive the package and respond.

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