Monday, October 18, 2010

Let me set the scene:a very rare family dinner (Blair and I seem to be on opposite schedules these days). Avery is chatting (being interrogated by Blair and I) about school when she says "Dad, you are smart like me". "We are very smart aren't we Daddy". "We know everything". I interrupt to say "uhhh, I think Mommy is smart too". Only to be shot down by my 4 year old "mommy, it isn't all about you, you know".

I don't believe that she is only 4, I think she is a 20 year old in a 4 year old's body.

On a totally unrelated topic (hmm, or maybe Avery is on to something and it is all about me)I'm thinking about joining a half-marathon clinic in the spring. The only problem with a half marathon clinic is that one is expected to actually run a half marathon (20km) by the end of the clinic. That seems like a lot of kms, yikes. I did run 6.5k yesterday but it wasn't pretty and that is a far cry from 20.

Oh, and the resume is complete (with a little help from my darling husband, who is kind of scary in his creativity and wording).

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  1. Hehe, that Avery one. she cracks me up. You do realize she takes after you!! :)

    And way to go with the half marathon!