Thursday, October 21, 2010

Odds and Ends

A few more fair pictures. Avery was too cool for her mom to help her on the pony ride. "Mom don't touch the pony and don't hold on, I'm big now". I still had to stand beside the pony because the man in charge of the ride may have felt differently (probably not good for business if a kid falls off a pony). I tried to snap a few pics, but apparently she was too cool for pictures as well.
She does love the pony rides though (although she would never admit it).
The other picture is of Avery dressed in an old Star Trek mask. Avery just about gave me a heart attack when she came down the stairs in that get-up. Avery and her Dad laughed for a good 10 minutes after that.

Let's see, what else??
Applied for the perfect job. I saw the job posting in our local paper and almost cried with excitement. Seriously, this job was made for me. Unfortunately, it is considered a town job and half the town will want it because of the pay scale (puts my retail pay to shame but what job doesn't pay better than retail). I haven't heard back so I may be out of luck.
However, I am proud of myself. I think I've mentioned this before, but I am a little on the shy side. It took a lot for me to go in and ask for the HR person and apply but I did it. I think I should have spoke a little more while I had the chance, but it was my first time applying for a job in more then 8 years. Next time I will just be more assertive!

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