Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Avery Day

Five years ago today I was finally handed my beautiful sweaty little daughter. She took one look at me and started crying and cried for 3 hours straight. Once we started to peel off some layers of clothing (I was afraid to take anything off because our social worker had said "this is a scary situation for the children, do not change them/bath them, this clothing has all the smells they are used to"). Poor Avery was in 4 layers and it was 25 degrees outside (very, warm in Nanchang).

I think I was sweating just as much, first time mom with a screaming child and my husband had to leave to do all the paperwork. It was all good though, I was just so happy to finally be a mom.

Seems like this all happened yesterday, yet now she is a big sister and in school.

Avery, you are such a smart girl, always been wise beyond your years (perhaps this is why you have a difficult time relating to kids in your class). You are your own person, no dolls or disney princesses for you. You can be stubburn and you still have that temper but on the plus side, nobody is going to push you around my girl!

I love you so much Avery, and still can't believe how lucky I am to be your mom.

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