Tuesday, November 8, 2011

When it rains, it pours

Or, it's almost wintertime and our furnace has been shut off. Nine year old house, and the furnace has a cracked heat exchange. Therefore, the gas guy has to (by law, and for our safety) turn off the gas to the furnace. Thankfully, it has been warmer than usual this November.

Not something we were planning on purchasing anytime soon, but that's life!
May be putting the back to school plans on hold for one more year. Not just because of the large purchase we are currently making, but I'm thinking it may work better once Brennyn is in school full days. Also, gives me time to make sure I am picking the best program for me (it's a toss up between the college Social Service Worker or going to Teacher's college).

Well, that's all that is new around these parts. Really hoping nothing else goes in our 9 year old house. They sure don't make things to last anymore!

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