Thursday, January 12, 2012

sending a package

I am finally sending the package to China. I meant to send it months ago, and much to my embarrassment Avery's birth family have been checking their mail waiting for this package. I think I overstressed it and wanted to send the perfect package so I hesitated. Now, I'm just sending a new picture of Avery, a few items of clothing for Avery's birth niece and nephews and some candy. I'm sure they just want the pictures of Avery anyway!! I have also finally had a chat with Avery about her birth family. She really does not seem interested right now, but I think she is the type of person who really holds her emotions in. She is a thinker! As I've mentioned before, I really hope eventually, communicating with her birth family will become routine to her, just another aspect of her life. I just hope I'm doing all this the right way. It's so hard to know what the correct choices are, I really hope I'm not contributing to future therapy bills. I guess it's so hard to sometimes not project your own feelings onto what your child may feel.

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