Wednesday, August 26, 2009

3 weeks tomorrow

The flight info is in my hands. I think the timing may be better this time around. 3 years ago, we left Toronto in the morning and arrived in Beijing around lunchtime (the next day of course). It was so hard to stay awake, I can admit that I didn't make it. I suffered from Jet lag for 4 days.
This time we are flying out in the afternoon and we arrive in Beijing around dinner time. I won't have to struggle to stay awake as long.
This time I am going to sleep on the plane. I'll just keep telling myself that. Last time I read book 2 of the Twilight series and finished it before we landed, no sleep for me. I was a little excited and nervous as well (first time mom). Although, I am finding myself just as nervous this time (and it goes without saying that I am excited).
It's a whole different adventure this time around, I just hope I am prepared! I just cannot wait to hold my little girl.


  1. We did the arrive in evening flight and aside from having to sort suitcases (what to leave what to take to Jiangxi) I am glad I didnt have to do much more. Melatonin works like a charm :)

    Flight info in hands. 3 weeks to go ! amazing :)


  2. Great! I am sure you are making the countdown.
    Wishing you a better trip this time as far as jet lag. It seems best to either make yourself stay awake or get sleep as soon as possible, no in-between.