Monday, August 10, 2009

We have travel dates

SO excited!! Looks like we are leaving Toronto on September 17th. That is just over a month away. I totally did not ask the travel contact any of my questions either so I had to e-mail her (on my back up account) 15 minutes after I got off the phone. I know, it would have made sense to just call her back but she isn't in her office. I find e-mail works better anyway, they seem to respond quicker.

I didn't even ask what day we would be meeting Brennyn. My brain is all fuzzy because I am so excited. Although, I think they need to wait for our TA to be sure. They must be in contact with the CWI to be able to book our flights, or they are guessing??

Did I mention that I am excited!


  1. September 17 !!! whooohooo thats closer than the 24th ..

    If you need any help with toddler packing let me know, I might remember some things from Aerik :)

  2. Even closer than you thought! Great news! I remember those days too, it seems one phone call/email was never enough.