Thursday, August 13, 2009

35 days

Only 35 days until we leave! We've had so much time to get organized, but did we? NOPE. Now the rush is on. I'm trying to find money belts, converters, etc. all from our last trip. Our house isn't that big, but do you think I can find these items?

I was able to speak to a fellow adoptive mom whose son is from Xi'an. She was able to spend a minutes with Brennyn when she visited the orphanage on her trip to meet her son. She is also the source of most of my photos of Brennyn, a priceless gift to a waiting parent!
Being able to chat to someone who has seen your child helps set your mind at ease. To know the conditions of the CWI and see pictures of the toy room, nannies, and the children is reassuring.

All I can say is thank-you!

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  1. I know, I could not locate our money belts either--I borrowed my moms. Our converter blew last time so I knew I needed that anyway. Actually, all we needed was a international surge protector this time for the laptop. It was so much nicer than lugging all of the heavy electronic equipment. Also, I bought new backpacks because I remembered how hard the main bag we took last time was to carry around with the side strap.
    Good luck with the packing!