Thursday, August 27, 2009


The pink castle! Brennyn is being cared for at the Xi'an CWI in Shaanxi province. The yahoo group is very active (compared to the yahoo group for Avery's SWI) and I have been able to "chat" with some other parents. When we first received An Yi Rui's referral, I immediately joined the yahoo group. One of the first people to respond to my post was a volunteer who worked on the floor where An Yi Rui was living. This floor was funded by a charity group. This woman was able to tell me so much about An Yi Rui, and answered so many of my questions. It was such a relief to talk to someone who had the opportunity to hold and care for this little girl.
Unfortunately, the funding was cut and the children had to be moved to the other floors of the CWI. I am sure that An Yi Rui is still receiving great care, it was just that there were less children on that floor and many more volunteers to give them one on one time.
I am really hoping that we will have the opportunity to visit the CWI and speak with some of the nannies and volunteers who cared for our daughter!

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