Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's too late, Avery is just like her Dad!

Avery and Blair are off to the big Science Fiction convention in Toronto today. Despite all my efforts, Avery is just like her dad. The first thing Avery asked me this morning was "Is it tomorrow"? "Yipee, we're going to the Sci-Fi to see robots today". She loves Sci-Fi and she is only 3 1/2.
Really, it's the robots (as she calls them) and the costumes that she loves. Nothing scares her, she loves the storm troopers, daleks, monsters, doesn't matter. The only thing that scares my girl are dolls. She screams anytime she sees a doll. Guess that Mulan barbie I bought 4 years ago (and is collecting dust in the closet) will be for Brennyn!
I really don't think she is into Star Trek yet, but I could be sadly mistaken.
She does love to watch Dr. Who, but even I love Dr. Who!
I think Avery's Dad (Blair) is loving this! Don't tell them, but I think it is really cute that she loves what her Daddy loves.

EDIT: A great time was had by all! The picture proof has been added.

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