Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Good bye hard drive

Our computer has died a slow death. It wasn't a surprise, the poor thing had been acting a little temperamental for months now. Yet, each day we pushed that button and that magical light would glow. My husband kept taking it to the repair shop, where they insisted nothing was wrong (it would always start for them), and sure when he would bring it home it did start. The next time we would try and turn it on, nothing. Yet, if we kept trying it would start eventually, until yesterday. Thank goodness he bought the little back up thingy (I am so technological, they should hire me at future shop).
Anyway, all the blogs I had bookmarked are gone for now, my IPOD music gone. At least all our pictures are saved in the backup.

Secretly, I think my husband is pleased. He has run out to buy a new hard drive as I type this. Not pleased to spend the money (because that is in short supply around these parts since someone isn't working a paying gig these days), but delighted to buy some new toy.
Oh well, what can you do? It's only money right, right??


  1. I hear you about the paying gig. I really miss my 'own' money! Seriously. For the first year and a half I didn't, but now...now I do! Just one more year and I will be back to my old job! :) A huge part of me is really really sad, but Lilah will be in school...

    Enjoy your new toy. Like you say, it's just money.


  2. I hear ya. I am still truckin my giant butt down to the basement to play on Daves computer. UGH I so want my own laptop back but I refuse to spend the money with the little one coming in 30 days. :) Have fun with it, who knows you might enjoy it too !