Friday, July 16, 2010

Not much posting going on around here. Too busy having fun in the hot, hot sun. That and the trailer doesn't seem to have internet access, or a TV ,or phone. Just the way we like it, except if it's raining and the kids are going stir crazy (thank goodness for movies and a laptop to play them on).
We're heading back to the beach for a few days next week. This time with the girls. Blair and I had a few days all alone at the trailer, but it just felt so strange to be there without the girls. It was nice to go on a 2 hour beach walk though.
We also lucked in to a restaurant (cute little Irish pub in town) having a Tuesday $2.50 special. I've never seen Blair so excited. Wings, salads, fries, any food that is bad for you and all for the low price of $2.50. I think he may have teared up a little. I really wish I had my camera that evening, he was down right giddy.
Guess where we may be taking the girls for dinner next Tuesday. We dine in style around here!

No more time to write, have to get ready for the beach!

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  1. Blair must have some Scottish blood in him! Haha! :)

    On Sunday past, after church, we went to a restaurant called St Hubert. They do yummy chicken dinners and I was just as excited as Blair when I realized their kids meals were just 2.95 on the weekends. And it was A LOT of food, mashed potato, gravy, chicken thigh, bread roll, big old glass of milk and desert. I told Colin, I think I might get that meal myself next time! Heh! :)

    Have fun!