Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My girls are growing up. Brennyn is little miss independent.
The other day I ran to answer the phone. I was on it for 2 minutes, hung up and realized that Brennyn wasn't in the room. Avery figured she was upstairs, I looked out the back (we have a fenced in yard, no worries there), nothing. Suddenly a very naked Brennyn comes running out of the bathroom "mommy, I did it". Yes, she went the bathroom, took off her clothes, sat on the toilet, went pee and wiped her own bum. She was so proud of herself, and so were we. I was more in shock. When that girl wants to do something, she does it! Now if I could only get Avery to go pee by herself, sigh (she wants me to wipe her bum all the time, even though she is very capable of doing it herself).

Speaking of Avery, she insists on reading stories every night to Brennyn. She also helps Brennyn (whether Brennyn really needs help or not) all the time, and really seems to be loving spending time with her sister. In fact, she told me she doesn't really need to play with friends because has Brennyn.
Of course, I did overhear her say "Brennyn why don't you go outside and play in traffic" yesterday.


  1. Good job B!
    I guess with siblings it goes in ebbs and flows. Glad she is finding her sisterly love :-), minus the traffic incident of course.

  2. Good job Brennyn!!!

    And does Avery know what that actually means?!


  3. Aaawww she is growing up so fast !

    Ava was all about us doing her toilet paper too till I showed her how to fold it. I did leave piles of folded for a while but she got it when she was left hanging becuz I was 'busy' doing other things and she had to wait for me ! lol

    I love that they are getting along so well :)