Sunday, January 16, 2011

Brennyn loves her big sister. She needs to know where Avery is at all times. Last night at dinner I had just finished telling Avery that she was about to leave the table and spend a little one on one time in her room (wasn't the best Avery and Mommy day, let's just leave it at that). Brennyn got down from her chair and stood beside me to say "MOM, leave my sister alone. You being mean to my Avery". Hard to not laugh. I explained that if Avery would kindly stop picking up her mashed potatoes with her hands, I would probably be a little nicer to be around.
Brennyn loves to tell everyone that "this is my sister Avery", even if she is talking to her Grandparents.

Most of the time Avery loves her little sister. Today, Avery even shared her purple freezie with Brennyn. I didn't even have to ask her, and Avery earned the freezie from her coach at soccer.
Avery was very upset that Brennyn wasn't in her gymnastics class this year. I actually prefer that they are in separate classes, but that's just me. Avery would love it if Brennyn ends up in her class in school next year (there is one split JK/SK class.

EDIT: So, 1 hour after I posted this Avery kicked Brennyn square in the nose with her pretty little white pointy dress shoes (do I have to add that it was on purpose, while I was watching). Brennyn had blood dripping down her chin, both girls were crying. I'm still not sure if Avery was just crying because I got her in trouble or because she felt bad, the jury is out on that one. Sisterly love, what can I say.


  1. Oh man, poor Brennyn. Sound like Avery was having a tough day. That sisterly love, especially on Brennyn's part, sounds adorable!

    It must be so hard being the big sister, getting all the attention and then that changes.

    I'm the youngest, I have one older sister, but it must have been tough on her, especially since I came along 6 years later. We never appreciated each other that much growing up, but now we love each other! Even though she lives in Australia! :)


  2. They are too cute (when not fighting of course). Do you still get to hand down Avery's clothes or are they in the same size ? (I swear Ava is going to be pissed when Anni ends up bigger than her) lol

  3. Hey Amy! No hand me downs here, except for PJ's. Avery is in a 5 and for some reason Brennyn still fits a 4. Pants don't work because Brennyn is a totally different body type and they both wear size 5 in shirts. Brennyn weighs a pound more, but is a half inch shorter (but I bet in a year, Brennyn will be the taller one).

    Yes Jill, a lot of Avery's issues revolve around not being the centre of attention, and also needing to be the boss. I think Avery is so quiet at school that she makes up for it at home. The only problem is that Brennyn won't be bossed around, she is indifferent and does whatever.