Saturday, March 19, 2011

March Break

Had a great week, Avery's first ever March Break. She was happy just to be off school for a week! The girls and I spent a few days with my parents and we visited with some friends of mine. It had been way too long since we visited the old homestead. Still amazes me how much that city has grown and changed. Nice to visit friends though.
Grandpa bought Avery the Toy Story 3 movie, so she was very, very happy. I think she watched it 3 times (in as many days).
My mom and I took both girls to the local YMCA where we spent 2 hours in the pool. I think it's safe to sign the girls up for swimming lessons again, they love the water now.

Ran 11 kms today, half marathon is in 6 weeks, yikes.

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  1. Wow... great running girl!
    I took Lilah to the pool his week too, holy doly it was busy with March break! Glad Avery enjoyed her time off. :)