Thursday, December 3, 2009

Are they twins?

In the three years that Avery has been home I've hardly had any comments or questions. Brennyn has been part of our family for 2 months and so far I've had people ask me "Are they sisters". I said "yes". Of course followed by "no, I mean real sisters". I just said "they are now". Was kind of surprised that someone actually asked me that! Then she asked me if I was fostering the girls. Um, no, they are my daughters. Thankfully, Avery was in the pool at the time so she didn't hear any of this.

Yesterday a lady asked me if the girls were twins. I admit that I laughed as I explained that Brennyn is 17 months younger. I guess she thought they were twins because Brennyn is almost the same size as Avery. Really, the girls don't look anything alike. Maybe she thought they were fraternal twins or something?

Anyway, off to spend the day at our local hospital for a little day surgery. Should be fun, fun, fun.

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