Saturday, December 5, 2009

This and that

Still can't believe how smart my girl is. I may have already told this story in another post so just ignore my ramblings if I have. I seem to be losing my mind these days.

Anyhoo, we were looking at the Santa picture the other day (from the local candy cane fair). Avery casually mentions to me that it's just a person. Alarm bells are going off right away. She clarified that it wasn't the real Santa, but a person in a costume.
The real Santa is busy apparently, and that was just a helper.
Did I mention that she is only 3 (almost 4, but still).

Surgery done, feel okay. I don't even know any results because the doctor had to go deliver a baby or something right after.
However, I'm not supposed to do any heavy lifting or housework for a week. HA HA HA, I have 2 30 pound children, who are they kidding. One of whom always wants her mommy (actually they both do, but Avery is old enough to reason with, sort of).

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  1. Hey, you have to make sure you get out of the housework part anyway! Glad to know all is well.

    The girls grow up so fast!