Sunday, April 25, 2010

How they grow!

Brennyn's speech is really improving. I love watching a child learn, nothing more amazing. In 6 months she has gone from a few words in English to full sentences. The sentences really started a few weeks ago. Brennyn repeats everything anyone says to her, which to some people may seem strange. That's just the way she learns. She watches everything and seems to file the information away.
She loves to say "See I did it", even if she is upset while trying to do something her self.

Brennyn also has this uncanny way of making me laugh, especially when she has done something naughty.
I caught her licking the toothpaste this evening and I said "What are you doing young lady"? She just looked at me and grinned, with the goofiest smile anyone has ever seen. Oh, yes she knew she'd been caught red handed (after I had explained that morning about how yucky it is to lick the toothpaste). As an aside, how many phrased have left your lips, as a parent, that you never imagined saying??
Anyway, I know I have to be tougher with this little monkey, but it's so difficult not to laugh or stay stern.
She'll say "sorry mommy" with the sweetest little voice.

Avery, oh my Avery. You are my little adult. Having a little sister has helped you be more like a kid. She has also brought you out of your shell a bit.
You don't forget a thing, my wise little monkey. You are a very smart little girl. Sometimes your smarts can get you into trouble too. You can be as stubborn as your mama. Nobody is going to put anything past you. You are your own person, that's for sure and I don't think you mind one bit. Your temper is still fierce, but on the outside you look like such an innocent little angel. You love to learn, and I am sure reading on your own is not far on the horizon. Your memory is amazing, I don't think I've ever met a child with a memory like yours.
I can't believe in 5 short months you will be getting on a school bus. Where has the time gone?
You are loving gymnastics, but not your mandarin lessons (we may have to take a longer break on that). You love playing outside at the park. You are not a girly-girl that is for sure!
I can almost watch your little brain trying to process things, I'm trying to be prepared for those intense questions that will be soon coming my way.

I love watching you both grow and learn. Sometimes I wish that time would slow down, even on those not so great days.

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  1. Beautiful children!

    I love Brennyn's grin! Heh! After licking toothpaste!

    And Avery sure does look like a very angelic little girl, I can't imagine her being fierce and stubborn! :)