Thursday, April 15, 2010

Warning, this post may contain TMI

You know, I really do love my family doctor. She has no problems referring us to specialists, looking up something in her giant medical book or researching online. However, I feel that when it comes to my daughter's nutrition and bowel issues, something more needs to be done.

When we first came home from China, Brennyn had very, very loose stool. I suspected a parasite and sure enough, giardia it was. We had that resolved quickly and for maybe 3 weeks her stool was normal.

I should add here that Brennyn also has eczema, and had skin discolouration (which is much better now, after the pediatrician told us it would never go away, but I digress). Again, I suspected that she had some sort of food allergy or sensitivity but both the pediatrician and dermatologist insisted this was not the case.
I listened to them because, frankly, I only have a BA, while they have an MD/PHD after their names.

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago and we visited our doctor for the millionth time in 6 months. She suggests testing for parasites again and eliminating dairy while we wait for the test results. Brennyn has been off dairy since she came home, but I did slip up and give her butter, yogurt and cheese the odd time.
She has been absolutely dairy free for about 10 days now and her poop is exactly the same.
TMI: It isn't diarrhea, but very, very soft and lots of it. I am sure she must be having pains in her tummy, but she can't tell us.
There is no way to potty train her because she has no control over her bowels right now.

Do you want to know what I've long suspected?? Wheat allergy or even celiac disease. I've been hoping it was just the dairy but I (you know, the non-doctor) can see the no dairy diet isn't making much of a difference. Our doctor wants to wait it out for another week and then send us back to the local pediatrician (who we are not going to see again, nice enough man but just not proactive enough for us).

I'm just frustrated for my daughter. There is something going on with her system and I imagine how much her little tummy hurts sometimes.
In the past I always believed whatever the doctor said. I felt that they had the med degree and I didn't. It's the last 6 months with Brennyn that have changed my mind. Sometimes you have to go with mother's instinct I guess, and I don't want my girl to suffer anymore.


  1. I don't blame you. Start yelling ! make them listen ! get another specialist !

    Have you been making a food list ? Maybe attempt to take her off wheat ? Not sure if you can do that but .. I know my friends little one from China can't have the wheat. There are lots of rice noodles etc that she can eat and gluten free items.

    Good luck and keep us updated.

    Noone likes to hear about your bug suffering :(


  2. UUgh, that's rough. Why don't you try the gluten free diet and see what happens. My husband has celiac disease and getting used to the diet was rough but now that we know all about it it's not that tough anymore and it has made a HUGE difference for him.

    Good luck