Thursday, January 21, 2010

I have to say that Sick Kids Hospital is an amazing facility. The doctor and his team were so great with Brennyn.
Brennyn did so well, and it was such a long day. I think she was getting a little tired of people touching her hands though; 2 interns, 1 surgeon, a physio therapist and the x-ray tech. She didn't cry once, she charmed everyone and stole the pens right out of their pockets.
As an aside, still have a few attachment issues with Brennyn for sure, although part of it is her personality. She is just too friendly with everyone, climbing right on the doctors lap. We are working on the attachment but it is an ongoing process for sure!

Anyway, we did come away with an official diagnosis (which was said like this "oh by the way, her the official condition is ...."). We didn't get much time to talk about the diagnosis and I will be asking him on our next visit. I do believe we will be seeing a lot of this doctor in the future.
Again, I am very at ease with who will be operating on my daughter, and feel that we are so fortunate to live so close to such a well respected and inspirational hospital.


  1. Glad to hear it. M was diagnosed with split hand/split foot--she is not a true ectrodactaly patient. However, three doctors told us it "had" to be genetic, its not in her case (I think it is just because it is so rare on our continent).

    Glad to hear things went well.

  2. That is Brennyn's diagnosis as well, just in her right hand though. I assume her other hand is syndactyly but he didn't really discuss it at the time (so many other issues to talk about with the upcoming surgery, etc. I'll be prepared with more questions for the next visit.

  3. Good to know they are taking on the largest issues first. In all honesty, if M hadn't had the partial seperation of her syndactaly, which made it a requirement to have the remaining seperated, I don't think we would have done it here. It does not create additional function, and in M's case she ended up having issues relating to her first surgery that cannot be corrected. Just a thought.