Saturday, September 17, 2011

Apparently, I still have no time to blog. Between school and gymnastics, these girls keep me busy. Avery is in her first year of pre-competitive gymnastics, so she has gymnastics Monday and Friday evenings. I pick her up from the bus and we rush over to the gym. She's there for 2 hours. Parents are only allowed to stay for the first 15 minutes and the last 15 minutes (they don't want the kids distracted, I guess). Anyway, yesterday I was watching the older girls practise their floor routines. It's like watching the olympics, wow (okay, so the extent of my gymnastics is a cartwheel, which I didn't master until I was in my 20's). Those kids work hard! Not sure that Avery will be getting to that level, the cost of gymnastics will be dictating her involvement in future years (I've been told that as the kids get older, the price increases dramatically). That, and the fact that she seems to only have eyes for soccer! On the other hand, Brennyn loves gymnastics. She only goes once a week for an hour and the parents get to stay and watch (these kids are there for the fun and exercise). Gymnastics has been great for Brennyn, she has to focus on the task at hand (or you fall off the beam, etc.). Brennyn loves bouncing on the trampoline and doing somersaults. Gymnatics has really helped with her balance and her strength. Sometimes, her coach has her hands full (with Brennyn and another girl who has a very similar fun-loving, non-listening type of personality). Her coach loves her though, Brennyn ran up to her coach last week and gave her a big hug (they don't have gymnastics in the summer, so it was the first day back). These pictures have nothing to do with gymnastics, but they do show Avery's true love!

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